It is my view of the world through my eyes and my camera. I view everyone and everything with and open eye. Look at the world colorblind there is black and white and every color in between those 2 spectrums. Those colors are ideas and people and the world. The logo is based off primary colors because in Chinese proverb the cycle of life is white = birth; black = death. C is white. K is black. Full life cycle with colors (moments) in between. Colorblind is not a clothing company it is a way to express my creativity through every medium I can dabble my foot in. Film photography. Designing. Writing. Drawing. Media. Connecting. Talking. Basic nature that we have seem to be so disconnected to now and days. Going back to basics of interacting with a person. Showing that through my art. It is an extension of my brain and how I view the world. Up to the viewer to decide the story and how things play out. No prejudice or any foul play.

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